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I've done a lot of SFX/VFX/CGI camera work such as the Star Wars short which won a bunch of awards and went viral on the web.

I also know how to use anamorphics and light some nice fantasy or serious drama. 

Always at your service as an experienced operator, I become one with my camera.

Since 2014 I'm an active member of the US based Society of Camera Operators.

So just give me a call and let's grab an ice cold beer or wine and talk about the next big thing! The force is strong with us right now!

+49 173 - 560 1714    or   mail@vadim-schulz.com


As a young boy I stood beside my father while he was filming and now I’ve been in the business for the last 20 years. I started as a cameraman for international broadcasting stations and advanced my career with the help of the very best ACs, gaffers and DPs. Film stock became a part of me, light became my friend.

At present, I work on feature films, TV movies, commercials and music videos as a cinematographer, camera operator and 2nd unit DP.

A second generation cinematographer – learning from the bottom up.
I am Vadim.


Vadim Schulz SOC BVK

Eugenstr. 52

72072 Tübingen




+49 173 - 560 1714


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